Parallel Sessions

Computational Biology

Tuesday 5 July/Cobá

Chair: Inman Harvey

11:10 Eukaryo: An Agent-based, Interactive Simulation of a Eukaryotic Cell.

Douglas Yuen and Christian Jacob.

11:40 Flies as Ship Captains? Digital Evolution Unravels Selective Pressures to Avoid Collision in Drosophila.

Ali Tehrani-Saleh, Christoph Adami and Randal Olson.

12:10 The Effects of Evolution and Spatial Structure on Diversity in Biological Reserves.

Emily Dolson, Michael Wiser and Charles Ofria.

12:40 Social Systems and Ecosystems: History Matters.

Inman Harvey.

Wednesday 6 July/Cobá

Chair: Josh Bongard

16:00 “Shit Happens”: The Spontaneous Self-Organisation of Communal Boundary Latrines via Stigmergy in a Null Model of the European Badger, Meles meles.

Seth Bullock

16:30 A Level Set Approach to Simulating Xenopus laevis Tail Regeneration.

Zachary Serlin, Jason Rife and Michael Levin.

17:00 Propagation of rhythmic dorsoventral wave in a neuromechanical model of locomotion in Caernohabditis elegans.

Eduardo J. Izquierdo and Randall D. Beer

17:30 A 3D Multiscale Model of Chemotaxis in Bacteria.

Andrew Wu and Christian Jacob.

18:00 In Silico Experimental Evolution suggests a complex intertwining of selection, robustness and drift in the evolution of genetic networks complexity.

Yoram Vadée Le Brun, Guillaume Beslon and Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas


Wednesday 6 July/Cobá

Chair: Tim Taylor

10:30 On the Difficulty of Co-Optimizing Morphology and Control in Evolved Virtual Creatures.

Nicholas Cheney, Josh Bongard, Vytas Sunspiral and Hod Lipson.

11:00 Material properties affect evolution’s ability to exploit morphological computation in growing soft-bodied creatures.

Francesco Corucci, Nick Cheney, Hod Lipson, Cecilia Laschi and Josh Bongard.

11:30 Shape matters in cooperation.

Dusan Misevic, Antoine Frenoy, Ariel B. Lindner and François Taddei.

12:00 Evolution-in-Materio of a dynamical system with dynamical structures.

Odd Rune Lykkebø and Gunnart Tufte.

12:30 Exploring the coevolution of predator and prey morphology and behavior.

Randal Olson, Arend Hintze, Fred Dyer, Jason Moore and Christoph Adami.

Human-Computer interaction

Wednesday 6 July/Xcaret 1

Chair: Dobri Dotov 

10:30 A Telepresence-Robot Approach for Efficient Coordination of Swarms.

Karl Tuyls, Sjriek Alers, Elisa Cucco, Daniel Claes and Daan Bloembergen.

11:00 Generating Artificial Plant Morphologies for Function and Aesthetics through Evolving L-Systems.

Frank Veenstra, Andres Faina, Kasper Stoy and Sebastian Risi

11:30 Robots can ground crowd-proposed symbols by forming theories of group mind.

Joey Anetsberger and Josh Bongard.

12:00 Social Contribution in the Design of Adaptive Machines on the Web.

Mark Wagy and JoshBongard.

Collective behavior, Artificial Societies and Culture

Wednesday 6 July/Xcaret 1

Chair: Roberto Ulloa

16:00 FireSlime Algorithm: Bio-Inspired Emergent Gradient Taxis.

Joshua Cherian Varughese, Ronald Thenius, Franz Wotawa and Thomas Schmickl.

16:30 Task Allocation in Foraging Robot Swarms: The Role of Information Sharing.

Lenka Pitonakova, Richard Crowder and Seth Bullock.

17:00 Performance Metrics of Collective Coordinated Motion in Flocks.

Jorge L. Zapotecatl, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez and Carlos Gershenson.

17:30 Cooperation and Reputation in Primitive Societies.

Fernando P. Santos, Francisco C. Santos and Jorge M. Pacheco.

18:00 Divergent Cumulative Cultural Evolution.

Chris Marriott and Jobran Chebib.

Collective behavior, Artificial Societies and Culture.

Thursday 7 July/Xcaret 1 & 2

Chair: Seth Bullock

16:00 Understanding Language Evolution in Overlapping Generations of Reinforcement Learning.
Agents. Lewys Brace and Seth Bullock.
16:30 Population Based Simulation of Gender Inequality Issues.

John Bullinaria.

17:00 Cultural wave front expansion explains multiple stages of diversity during the Neolithic Transition in Europe.

Cornelis Drost and Marc Vander Linden.

17:30 Job Insecurity in Academic Research Employment: An Agent-Based Model.

Eric Silverman, Nic Geard and Ian Wood.

18:00 Increasing Reward in Biased Natural Selection Decreases Task Performance.

Evert Haasdijk and Floor Eigenhuis.

Living technology and Human-Computer interaction

Thursday 7 July/Xcaret 3 & 4

Chair: Christian Guckelsberger

16:00 EvoBot: An Open-Source, Modular Liquid Handling Robot for Nurturing Microbial Fuel Cells.
Andres Faina, Farzad Nejatimoharrami, Kasper Stoy, Pavlina Theodosiou, Benjamin Taylor and Ioannis Ieropoulos
16:30 Robotic Automation to Augment Quality of Artificial Chemical Life Experiments.

Farzad Nejatimoharrami, Andres Faina, Jitka Čejková, Martin Hanczyc and Kasper Stoy

17:00 A Bio-Inspired Artificial Agent to Complete a Herding Task with Novices.

Patrick Nalepka, Maurice Lamb, Rachel W. Kallen, Kevin Shockley, Anthony Chemero and Michael J. Richardson

17:30 Small Bugs, Big Ideas: Teaching Complex Systems Principles Through Agent-Based Models of Social Insects.

Yu Guo and Uri Wilensky.


Thursday 7 July/Cobá

Chair: Linda Smith

10:30 Developmental encodings promote the emergence of hierarchical modularity.

Jessica Lowell and Jordan Pollack.

11:00 Dynamic Structure Discovery and Repair for 3D Cell Assemblages.

Giordano Ferreira, Max Smiley, Matthias Scheutz and Michael Levin.

11:30 Evolved Developmental Strategies of Artificial Multicellular Organisms.

Jean Disset, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc and Yves Duthen.

12:00 Bio-Reflective Architectures for Evolutionary Innovation. 

Simon Hickinbotham and Susan Stepney.

12:30 Evolving Specialisation in a Population of Heterogeneous Robots: the Challenge of Bootstrapping and Maintaining Genotypic Polymorphism.

Arthur Bernard, Jean-Baptiste André and Nicolas Bredeche.

Theory and measures

Thursday 7 July/Xcaret 1 & 2

Chair: Christoph Salge

10:30 Nonequilibrium thermodynamic stability: the apparent teleology of living beings.

Mario Villalobos.

11:00 Does Empowerment Maximisation Allow for Enactive Artificial Agents?

Christian Guckelsberger and Christoph Salge

11:30 Quantifying Viability.

Matthew Egbert and Juan Pérez-Mercader.

12:00 Towards information based spatiotemporal patterns as a foundation for agent representation in dynamical systems.

Martin Biehl, Takashi Ikegami and Daniel Polani

12:30 Increasing Reward in Biased Natural Selection Decreases Task Performance.

Evert Haasdijk and Floor Eigenhuis

Open-ended evolution and Evolvavility

Thursday 7 July/Xcaret 3 & 4

Chair: Mark Bedau

10:30 The Evolutionary Origins of Phenotypic Plasticity.


11:00 The Limits of Decidable States on Open Ended Evolution and Emergence.

Santiago Hernández-Orozco, Francisco Hernández-Quiroz and Hector Zenil.

11:30 How the Strictness of the Minimal Criterion Impacts Open-Ended Evolution.

L. B. Soros, Nick Cheney and Kenneth O. Stanley.

12:00 The Evolution of Evolvability: Changing Environments Promote Rapid Adaptation in Digital Organisms.

Rosangela Canino-Koning, Michael J. Wiser and Charles Ofria.

12:30 The Relationship Between Evolvability and Robustness in the Evolution of Logic Networks.

David Shorten and Geoff Nitschke

Origins of Life, Protocells, and Genetics

Thursday 7 July/Cobá

Chair: Takashi Ikegami

16:00 Digital Replicators Emerge from a Self-Organizing Prebiotic World.

Andrew Pargellis and Benjamin Greenbaum

16:30 Exploring Constraint: Simulating Self-Organization and Autogenesis in the Autogenic Automaton.

Stefan Leijnen, Tom Heskes and Terrence Deacon.

17:00 Protein synthesis with liposome fusion and fission by using the freeze-thaw method.

Gakushi Tsuji, Takeshi Sunami, Satoshi Fujii and Tetsuya Yomo.

17:30 Critical Mutation Rate has an Exponential Dependence on Population Size for Eukaryotic-Length Genomes.

Elizabeth Aston, Alastair Channon, Roman Belavkin, Rok Krasovec and
Christopher Knight

18:00 Reductive evolution towards primitive life: What will we see?

Atsushi Shibai, Daisuke Motooka, Shota Nakamura and Saburo Tsuru.

Self-optimization, automation, learning and memory

Friday 8 July /Cobá

Chair: Julien Hubert 

 10:30 Expansion of Perception Area in Cellular Automata Using Recursive Algorithm.

Yoshihiko Kayama.

 11:00 Fully Autonomous Real-Time Autoencoder-Augmented Hebbian Learning through the Collection of  Novel Experiences.

Joshua Bowren, Justin Pugh and Kenneth Stanley.

 11:30 Body Representations for Robot Ego-Noise Modelling and Prediction. Towards the Development of a Sense of Agency in Artificial Agents.

Guido Schillaci, Claas-Norman Ritter, Verena Vanessa Hafner and Bruno Lara.

 12:00 How Complexity Pervades Specialization in Canonical Embodied Evolution.

Pedro Trueba, Abraham Prieto, Francisco Bellas and Richard J. Duro.

 12:30 Functional Modularity Enables the Realization of Smooth and Effective Behavior Integration.

Jônata Tyska Carvalho and Stefano Nolfi.

Artificial Chemistries

Friday 8 July /Xcaret 1 & 2

Chair: Olaf Witkoswki

 10:30 A Self-Replicating System of Ribosome and Replisome Factories.

Lance Williams.

 11:00 Generalized Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Artificial Chemistry.

Hedi Soula.

 11:30 Thresholds in Messy Chemistries.

Nathaniel Virgo.

 12:00 A Precarious Existence: Thermal Homeostasis of Simple Dissipative Structures.

Stuart Bartlett and Seth Bullock.

 12:30 Jordan Algebra AChems: Exploiting Mathematical Richness for Open Ended Design.

Penelope  Faulkner,  Angelika Sebald and Susan Stepney.