Love Multiplies

Love makes links stronger
stronger than gravity
stronger than graphene
stronger than ignorance

Strong links make people closer
closer than sighs
closer than words
closer than thoughts

Close people make life brighter
brighter than sunshine
brighter than Turing
brighter than light

Bright lives make the world better
better than joy
better than freedom
better than love 


Dance of Hope

Sun rises
Hope smiling
Wind dancing 
Love smashing

Far from your body 
Close to your heart 
Our souls are dancing
Merging our minds 

Time marches blindly 
All through our lifes
Times sad and happy 
Are left behind 

Future awaits us
Eager and bright 
Hope keep on dancing
Shine on your light 



Beautiful eyes
Gates to your soul
Deep mind lies beyond
Leave behind all hope.

Leave all hope behind
Not because of Dante-like
There's just plenty inside.

Hope overflowing
Your mind keeps growing
Embracing all they see
Your eyes mesmerize me.

Light of the trees,
Radiant silmarilli
Shining on, keep.


Becoming one

We are two
Becoming one
With each other
And with everything else

Even more,
We multiplied
Now three, then four, then five
Becoming one
With one another
And with everything else

Hearts together
Minds together
Becoming one
With each other
And with everything else



Lejos de ti
Tu ausencia como viento al fuego
Enciende mi amor
Abre un espacio para apreciar tu preciosidad
Deja una distancia para asombrarme de lo maravillosa que eres

Nunca dejas de ser preciosa ni maravillosa
Me envuelves con tu luz, calor y alegría
Aletargándome suavemente, me acostumbro al paraíso
Tan cercana que te olvido al hacerte parte de mi

Tu efecto es duradero
Es sólo después de varios días que me doy cuenta de lo afortunado que soy
De tanto que te necesito
De todo lo que te amo

¿El sufrimiento al extrañarte será necesario?
No lo sé, pero puedo ver más claro
Y decirte más que nada
Que te amo.



I feel the pain of your change
I want to help but not dare
Try and fail, try and fail
Yet it is not the same again.

I reason too much
When all I can do is accept
Hold you in my arms
And wait.

Yet pain yet grief
No other path to reach
The life we want to live.

Together we'll be freed
From the past that brought us here
Just the way it's meant to be.



12 años, un instante.
Tu espalda, tu sonrisa, tus ojos,
y vamos juntos adelante.

Es difícil cambiar,
Pero mejor que no amar.
Hemos cambiado, nos hemos adaptado,
hasta nueva vida hemos generado.

Sigamos cambiamdo,
sigamos amando.
Retos siempre habrá,
juntos llegaremos más allá.

El camino no está ahí,
juntos lo construiremos.
Muchas gracias a ti,
sin límites viviremos.



Dark is the night
but you shine so bright.
Hope of my life:
you guide my path.

Alone it's so cold.
In your arms it's so warm.
Just keep on smiling,
light of my soul.

You are breaking my bounds,
unveiling my mind.
You broaden my world.
Thank you for all.



Together might be complicated
but nothing can replace you.
We can work on our relation,
giving up leads to desolation.
Love is difficult,
its absence is devastation.
Improving is not easy,
there is always something missing.
Let's renounce perfection,
our mistakes accept and forgive.
Don't be guided by deception,
Only together we can live.
Conformism I do not suggest,
you know what is best.
All I ask for is your patience,
I will take care of the rest.



Love changes
It changes with our lives
It changes everything around us

Love fills
It fills our souls
It is filled by our passion

Love creates
It creates new bonds
It is created by our emotions

Love created Ana
It is filled with her smile
It will change with her life



All the things we' been through
the two of us together
soon we will be more
changes are coming our way
always will be
We won't be able to prevent them
let's try to ride on them smoothly

You have filled my life with Hope
and so many things more
changes are coming,
you're giving even more

Our love has created a bubble
protecting us a bit from change
smooth and patient we need to be
or the bubble will break

All that has passed
All that lies ahead
living with you
is all I care



Nothing is perfect in this world,
but you're what comes closer
to perfection in my life.

How to thank you for giving me Hope
other than with all my love?

How great that you are,
because you give meaning
to my life

How wonderful that we met,
otherwise I would be trapped
like a dolphin in a net.

How super that we're togther,
Hope this lasts forever.



Our lives are blooming
Our love is storming
At moments it's painful
But outside our storm
there's nothing

All changes,
and we miss the past we enjoyed.
All changes,
and we cling to the past we suffered.

Let's keep the pleasure
and forget the pain.
Everything changes
every day
we start to live again

The futures are open,
but we can find the one we want.
Let's catch the moment
and leave the rest behind


Drops in the sea

We are like drops in the sea
along with our hopes and fears.
So small and mighty
does it really matter?
Yes and no, I will say;
on the context, it will depend...



What can be more magnificent?
That you were born,
or that somehow you are with me?

I can't stop being mesmerized
by your bewildering smile.
Hope of my life
how whole you've filled my life.

<Lightning|light in> my path
warming my soul
tickling my solitude
scaring my fears
sparkling your eyes
hoping my Hope...

Tranquility and desire,
passion and calmness,
pain and laughter,
sympathy and anger...
All the extremes needed
to fill our thirsty souls...
It seems that's what our love is about:
trying to comprehend each other,
as much as possible
as Hopefully as possible...



Seduced by my own Hope
reason confused
but evermore
desiring more
more of thy soul
fill me with Hope
I cry out for more
like never before
reason confused
but Hope
filling my soul
Eyes of Hope
mouth of thy soul
reason confused
turnback is gone
desire is more
Creating our song
emptyness is gone
reason confused
but evermore
Hope in my soul



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