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Complexity Digest 2000.20 - 03

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Lie Detection And 	Language Comprehension, Nature

Excerpt: People are usually no better than chance
at detecting lies from a liar's demeanour1, 2, even when clues to
deceit are evident from facial expression and tone of voice3. We
suspected that people who are unable to understand words
(aphasics) may be better at spotting liars, so we tested their
performance as lie detectors. We found that aphasics were
significantly better at detecting lies about emotion than people
with no language impairment, suggesting that loss of language
skills may be associated with a superior ability to detect the

Detection And Language
Comprehension, Nancy L.
Etcoff, Paul Ekman, John J. Magee, Mark G. Frank,
Nature 405, 139 (2000) 

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