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Complexity Digest 2000.30 - 09

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G8 Communique, Okinawa, Government of Japan

Global problems of different dimensions can lead to the emergence
of self-organized global structures such as the United Nations or numerous
non-governmental organizations (NGOs). A structure that has a significant
potential for global change due to the combined economic power is the "G8"
group of eight major industrialized democracies. Through economic incentives
they are able to change global systems control parameters more informally and
quickly than rigid organizations like the United Nations. In the summit
meeting in Odinawa they identified a number of urgent global issues and some
approaches to their solution. Among them are:

The world economy and the goal of a 21st century
of greater prosperity, where prosperity is defined in economic terms and not
in general well being. A specal role plays Information and
Communications Technology (IT): "IT empowers, benefits and links
people the world over, allows global citizens to express themselves and know
and respect one another. It also has immense potential for enabling economies
to expand further, countries to enhance public welfare and promote stronger
social cohesion and thus democracy to flourish. Access to the digital
opportunities must, therefore, be open to all."

Development: "The 21st century must be a century of
prosperity for all, and we commit ourselves to the agreed international
development goals, including the overarching objective of reducing the share
of the world's population living in extreme poverty to half its 1990 level by
2015", " We also agree to give special attention to three issues:
debt, health, and education, as a spur to growth."

Trade: "The multilateral trading system embodied by the
WTO, which represents the achievements of half a century of untiring efforts
on the part of the international community to realise rule-based free trade,
has provided its Members, developed and developing countries alike, with
enormous trade opportunities, spurring economic growth and promoting social
progress." (...)

Cultural Diversity "is a source of social and economic
dynamism which has the potential to enrich human life in the 21st century, as
it inspires creativity and stimulates innovation. "

Crime and Drugs "We reaffirm our support for the adoption
by the end of 2000 of the United Nations Transnational Organised Crime
Convention and three related Protocols on firearms, smuggling of migrants and
trafficking in persons."

Ageing: "As the vitality of our societies increasingly
depends on active participation by older people, we must foster economic and
social conditions, including IT-related developments, that allow people of all
ages to remain fully integrated into society, to enjoy freedom in deciding how
to relate and contribute to society, and to find fulfilment in doing so. The
concept of "active ageing", as articulated at the Denver Summit, remains our
guiding principle in this endeavour."

Biotechnology/Food Safety: "Maintenance of effective
national food safety systems and public confidence in them assumes critical
importance in public policy."

Human Genome: Opening new medical frontiers points to
unprecedented opportunities for the benefit of humankind and will have to be
achieved taking account of principles of bioethics.

Environment: We must all work to preserve a clean and
sound environment for our children and grandchildren.

Nuclear Safety: "We renew the commitment we made at the
1996 Moscow Summit to safety first in the use of nuclear power and achievement
of high safety standards world wide."

Conflict Prevention: "The international community should
act urgently and effectively to prevent and resolve armed conflict."

Disarmament, Non-proliferation and Arms Control: "We
welcome the successful outcome of the 2000 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
(NPT) Review Conference."

Terrorism: "We renew our condemnation of all forms of
terrorism regardless of their motivation."

G8 Communique, Okinawa, 23
July 2000

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