Model-to-model transformations for efficient time-domain verification of concurrent models by NuSMV modules

We introduce and describe an algorithmic transformation from the formalism of arrangements of logic-labelled finite-state machines (LLFSMs) into NuSMV modules (and its implementation as a model-to-model ATL transformation from an Ecore meta-model to the NuSMV language). Our transformation benefits from using modules and integers of NuSMV to improve the efficiency in the construction and verification of the model. Moreover, we can handle predicates about time. Thus, we enable verification of LLFSMs in the time domain. Our transformation is a considerable improvement in efficiency. Compared with earlier transformation algorithms developed by us, the one presented here produces concise NuSMV files (in an example, 130,295 lines were reduced to 418). We thus show that it is possible to automatically translate arrangements of LLFSMs to concise models that can be efficiently and formally verified.

Carrillo, M., Estivill-Castro, V., & Rosenblueth, D. A. (2020). Model-to-Model Transformations for Efficient Time-domain Verification of Concurrent Models by NuSMV Modules. In MODELSWARD (pp. 287-298).