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Tight Bounds for Illuminating and Covering of Orthotrees with Vertex Lights and Vertex Beacons

We consider two variants of the Art Gallery Problem: illuminating orthotrees with a minimum set of vertex lights, and covering orthotrees with a minimum set of vertex beacons. An orthotree P is a simply connected orthogonal polyhedron that is the union of a set S of cuboids glued face to face such that the graph whose vertices are the cuboids of S, two of which are adjacent if they share a common face, is a tree.

Aldana-Galván, I., Álvarez-Rebollar, J. L., Catana-Salazar, J. C., Marín, N., Solís-Villarreal, E., Urrutia, J., & Velarde, C. (2020). Tight bounds for illuminating and covering of orthotrees with vertex lights and vertex beacons. Graphs and Combinatorics, 36(3), 617-630.