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Shape Numbers


Each curve carries within it its own shape number


Vertex Chain Code


Using the Vertex Chain Code (VCC) it is possible to represent any 2D shape composed of triangular, rectangular (pixels), or hexagonal cells by means of only one chain. This notation is invariant under translation and rotation, and optionally may be invariant under starting point and mirroring transformation. The chain elements represent real values not symbols such other chain codes, are part of the shape, indicate the number of cell vertices of the contour nodes, may be operated for extracting interesting shape properties.



Discrete Compactness



The Orthogonal Direction Change Chain Code


Chain-code techniques are widely used because they preserve information and allow considerable data reduction, chain codes are the standard input format for numerous shape analysis algorithms. Using the orthogonal direction change chain code it is possible to represent three-dimensional (3D) curves.




Discrete Knots



Other Researches