Thinking Adaptive: Towards a Behaviours Virtual Laboratory

TitleThinking Adaptive: Towards a Behaviours Virtual Laboratory
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsGershenson, C, González, PP, Negrete, J
EditorMeyer, J-A, Berthoz, A, Floreano, D, Roitblat, HL, Wilson, SW
Conference Name{SAB} 2000 Proceedings Supplement
PublisherISAB press
Conference LocationParis, France

In this paper we name some of the advantages of virtual laboratories; and propose that a Behaviours Virtual Laboratory should be useful for both biologists and AI researchers, offering a new perspective for understanding adaptive behaviour. We present our development of a Behaviours Virtual Laboratory, which at this stage is focused in action selection, and show some experiments to illustrate the properties of our proposal, which can be accessed via Internet.