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Seven Sisters

I studied the MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems in the School of Cognitive and Computer Sciences (COGS) of the University of Sussex (2001-2002).

I am now studying a PhD at the Center Leo Apostel of the Free University of Brussels. My advisors are Francis Heylighen and Diederik Aerts . My webpage at the VUB.

I have a wide variety of academic interests, including evolution of cognition, artificial societies, behaviour-based systems, complexity theory, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ontology, paraconsistent logics, artificial life, and virtual laboratories. Gerb

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About me.

My webpage in México unfortunately went down. You can find most of the things which were there here:

Los Hijos de Khärlyl

You will find most of my previous scientific and philosophical work, papers, computer programs, and art (1997-2001). My BEng thesis, "Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents" is here.

Recent work carried out at Sussex:

My MSc Thesis: A Comparison of Different Cognitive Paradigms Using Simple Animats in a Virtual Laboratory, with Implications to the Notion of Cognition. [html] [pdf]

Knowledge Emerging from Behaviour

Random Boolean Networks

Contextuality: A Philosophical Paradigm, with Applications to Philosophy of Cognitive Science [pdf], [html]

Where is the Problem of "Where is the mind?"? [pdf], [html]

Philosophical Ideas on the Simulation of Social Behaviour [html]

Introduction to Chaos in Deterministic Systems [pdf], [html]

Artificial Neural Networks for Beginners [pdf], [html]

Not so recent work carried out in México:

Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents

Multidimensional Logic Resources Multidimensional Logic

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