Pablo Romero


Senior Researcher, Computer Science Department, IIMAS, UNAM

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I am interested in Flow or Optimal Experience in the context of Movement-based Interaction. Eduardo Calvillo-Gamez and I have proposed a view of Flow based on Embodied Interaction and Phenomenology. We have been trying to formulate, specify, apply and validate this view.

  • An important aspect of the view of Flow we propose has to do with the nature of the challenges imposed by the task in hand. The proposed view considers that those challenges might be multimodal in the sense that they might comprise physical, emotional and intellectual elements.The Multimodal Challenges project is characterising challenges in terms of those aspects
  • Ricardo Cruz, a PhD student of mine, is investigating the relevance of flow in digital systems to support physical rehabilitation.
  • Together with Eduardo Calvillo-Gamez and Jodi Crisp have started validating the proposed view of Flow in Pervasive Gaming.

Past Projects

  • The STAGE project explored the potential of movement interaction in educational applications, specifically in authoring environments that enable young people to build computer games.
  • The PAL project is looked at the support that online tools can offer to collaborative learning in programming.
  • The CRUSADE project investigated factors affecting the coordination of multiple external representations in program understanding and debugging.