1. API Oceanicex
    API Oceanic Exchanges
    Embeedings through time for Oceanic Exchanges
    GPL 3.0
  2. Chatvoice
    Chatvoice platform
    Language and platform to develop voice chatbots
    GPL 3.0
  3. Topic discovery
    Large scale topic discovery
    Experiments for topic discovery with NIPS, 20 news group, Reuters and Wikipedia
    GPL 3.0
  4. Sampled Min-Hashing
    Sampled Min-Hashing library
    Library for Sampled Min-Hashing (c, command-line and python)
    GPL 3.0
  5. Cross Lingual SMH
    Crosslingual mining of Wikipedia
    Topic mining from wikipedia using Sampled Min-Hashing
    GPL 3.0
  6. @menosdias
    System of análisis of tweets and blog post for @menosdias
    Scripts to crawl, read and analyse @menosdias dataset
    GPL 3.0
  7. Jakatón PLN
    Libreries for Jakaton
    Main libraries for NLP hackatón in México
    GPL 3.0
  8. GolemPoll
    Survey system for robot face preference
    Weve interface to survey users about the preference of a robot face
    GPL 3.0
  9. IronyLabeller
    Manual verification of polarity of tweets
    Web interface to label the polarity of tweets
    GPL 3.0
  10. authorprof
    Author Profiling System
    System for the author identification
    GPL 3.0
  11. golemaudio
    Audio Golem Library
    Audio processing library in python. This library is extensively used in the Golem Group
    GPL 3.0
  12. SitLog examples
    Examples of SitLog
    Examples of dialogue models for SitLog for programing Golem course
    GPL 3.0
  13. authorid
    Author Identification System
    System for the author identification
    GPL 3.0
  14. Corpus Recorder
    Audio Corpus Recorder Tool
    Tool for recording a read corpus, it provides client/server fashion to display the sentences to be read
    GPL 3.0
  15. thebeast
    markov the beast
    markov the beast is a Statistical Relational Learning software based on Markov Logic, my contribution were the MLN models for semantic processing.