Urban Transfer Entropy across Scales

TitleUrban Transfer Entropy across Scales
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMurcio, R, Morphet, R, Gershenson, C, Batty, M
JournalPLoS ONE
Date Published07

The morphology of urban agglomeration is studied here in the context of information exchange between different spatio-temporal scales. Urban migration to and from cities is characterised as non-random and following non-random pathways. Cities are multidimensional non-linear phenomena, so understanding the relationships and connectivity between scales is important in determining how the interplay of local/regional urban policies may affect the distribution of urban settlements. In order to quantify these relationships, we follow an information theoretic approach using the concept of Transfer Entropy. Our analysis is based on a stochastic urban fractal model, which mimics urban growing settlements and migration waves. The results indicate how different policies could affect urban morphology in terms of the information generated across geographical scales.